RiskAMP is a full-featured Monte Carlo simulation engine for Microsoft Excel®. With a wealth of random distributions and statistical analysis functions, RiskAMP lets you build complex stochastic models in Excel.

Articles, whitepapers and sample spreadsheets are all available on our on our help pages. You can try the RiskAMP Add-in for 30 days with no obligation on our downloads page.

RiskAMP web

RiskAMP web is our new browser-based risk modeling platform. With RiskAMP web you can build comprehensive risk models right in your web browser.

RiskAMP web uses the same library functions as our Excel software, so you can transfer models between Excel and RiskAMP web at any time. It's cross-platform so it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks, and it's fast -- often many times faster than RiskAMP for Excel.

Visit the RiskAMP web homepage to try it today!

TREB: Embedded spreadsheets for the web

TREB is our embedded spreadsheet for the web. It's the spreadsheet that powers RiskAMP web, and you can use it to embed spreadsheets in any website or web app.

For more, see the TREB website.

RiskAMP project

RiskAMP project is a new web app for building and running Monte Carlo models for project planning. Model projects and tasks, generate project graphs and statistics, and create XLSX files you can run on your desktop.

Visit the RiskAMP project app to see an example or create your own project models.

For more information, please contact us by email at or 1 (800) 573-6559.