What’s new in RiskAMP Version 6?

Our new release is the best version of RiskAMP yet

RiskAMP 6 is the new version of RiskAMP and includes lots of updates and fixes, plus new code that makes running simulations smoother and faster.

Here are some of the key new features:

Las Vegas Simulation

A new simulation type, Las Vegas Simulation is an adaptive Simulation that supports Las Vegas algorithms. You can also use it to sample from custom distribution types using rejection sampling.

Read more about Las Vegas Simulation.

Support for Windows on Arm

Windows on Arm is coming with a whole new class of hardware that should be fast, light, and energy efficient. In this release we include native support for Excel on Arm, meaning simulations will run at native speed on this new hardware. Plus we can support native performance on Parallels on M1/M2/M3 Macs.

Faster and Smoother Simulations

Our new simulation code runs faster, even if (especially if) you are watching screen updates. Simulations should be 20% faster than our last release with screen updates off; and 30%-40% faster with screen updates on.

Updates, Fixes, and Excel Integration

Lots of internal updates and fixes, plus better support for the latest versions of Excel.

Visit the download page to download Verison 6 today!